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About Sleek Laser Solutions

Passion, knowledge, and the gift of beauty have led to the provision of the best services in America. Sleek Laser Solutions’ success is built on highly qualified medical staff and good service.

Sleek laser solutions are new to Dallas but have been in the laser hair removal industry for 15+ years. Our experience with all different skin and hair types has given us the opportunity to provide results in the most effective way possible.

Having smooth skin and feeling confident about your appearance can enhance your self-esteem. It is not so much about looking younger as it is about looking great for your age.


SLS Offers

It is well known that unwanted hair from your face and body may be removed incredibly safely and reduced permanently using the most advancements in laser hair removal technology. The usage of laser hair removal technology is highly safe and effective, and it has a safety track record spanning more than 25 years. Laser hair removal works well to get rid of body hair that is undesired.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask all clients to stop the use of wax and tweezing and to come in fully shaved before each treatment.

Please Note: if your treatment includes your face and don’t feel comfortable shaving, you can come in without shaving and we can help you with the process.

The best results are granted when the laser energy fully absorbs through the hair follicle root underneath the skin. Coming in shaved allows all the laser energy to focus directly on the hair root rather than the hair above the skin.

We also ask our clients to stay away from getting a tan from the sun or a spray tan before the treatment. The sun makes your skin very sensitive and a tan from the sun will make your laser treatment uncomfortable.
Spray tans are not recommended before the treatment because we don’t want any harsh chemicals on the skin before the treatment.

Please Note: you’re welcome to get a spray tan after your laser treatment. For a sun tan please wait a week after your laser treatment.

All skin and hair textures

Please Note: laser hair removal isn’t ideal for gray or red hair (please book a consultation if you have these hair types so we can confirm how your results will be)

Everyone is different and everyone has a different amount of hair cycles. An estimate of 6 to 12 treatments is needed to ideal results. The darker and thicker the hair the best results. Laser targets the melanin in the hair. Therefore lighter hairs (gray and blonde) aren’t ideal for laser hair removal. You can always book a free consultation for any questions.

Sleek Laser Solutions is managed by certified professional Laser Hair Removal technicians in the state of Texas. After 15+ years of experience in Florida, we have brought our expertise to Texas using the best machine in the market with the fastest results. Our goal is to give our clients the fastest, most effective results as safely as possible with minimal pain.

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